Repeat Block...

Repeats the contained block of actions

A repeat block allows you to run a part of your workflow multiple times. You can repeat a block either for each line of the block’s input, or for every match of a regular expression.

To make an action part of the repeated block, simply drag it between the “Repeat...” and ”...End Repeat” parts.

The first action within the block gets the current line/match as its input. Additionally, the repeat block sets the pre-defined variables “Repeat: Text” and “Repeat: Range” for each iteration. The range variable is set in the form “start:end”, e.g. “0:10” if the first 10 characters were matched.

  • Input: The text that the repetition is based on
  • Output: The output of every run of the last action in the block, separated by line breaks.


  • Repeat with: How the block should be repeated – can be either for every line in the input, or for every match of a regular expression.
  • Match Group: If a regular expression is used, this specifies which group is extracted from the match. By default, the entire match is used.
  • Reverse: When enabled, the iteration goes backwards.