Conditional Block (If...Then...)

Runs the contained block of actions only if a condition is met.

You might have actions in your workflow that only make sense if text is selected or if the clipboard is not empty. By putting these actions inside a conditional block, you can make them run only under the intended circumstances.

To make an action part of the conditional block, simply drag it between the If… item and the …End If part.

If the condition is not met, the workflow continues after the …End If item.

When you tap the Hide Actions button, all actions inside the conditional block and the …End If item are collapsed. This allows you to drag the entire block into a different conditional block to create nested conditions, or to save the block as a preset.

  • Input: Gets passed to either the first action within the block, or the next action after …End If
  • Output: Same as input


  • Condition: The parameter consist of two text values that are compared using the given method (is Equal to, is Not Equal to, Contains, Doesn’t Contain, or Matches Regular Expression). The text fields will usually contain variable placeholders.

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