Pythonista Documentation#

Welcome to the Pythonista documentation! Pythonista is an integrated development environment for iOS/iPadOS with a built-in Python interpreter and many additional modules.

This documentation contains information about using the app and its extensions, but also includes the complete official documentation for the Python language, standard library, and many additional modules that are included with Pythonista. You can read the documentation offline in the app, but a web version is also available.

Pythonista App#

Included Modules#

In addition to Python’s standard library, Pythonista includes many additional modules for accessing iOS-specific functionality (e.g. accessing the photo library, location data, and much more), and for integrating Python scripts in various parts of the system (e.g. the share sheet, system keyboard, or the Shortcuts app).

Apart from these Pythonista-specific modules, many of the most popular third-party packages from PyPI are also bundled with the app, along with their documentation.

Python 3.10 Documentation#