Open URL

Opens a URL in a web browser or other app

The URL can be opened either in the built-in web browser or in Safari / a different app. The built-in web browser and Safari can open http and https URLs, for other URL schemes, third-party apps may be opened if installed. If the URL is invalid or no app can be found to open it, the workflow stops with an error.

When you activate the [%] button next to the URL, any workflow variables that are part of the URL will automatically be URL-escaped, so that you can construct a query string from variables without having to use a separate URL Escape action for each variable.

  • Input: Can be used in the URL parameter
  • Output: The URL that was opened


  • Open in: Can be In-App Browser or Safari/Other App. The in-app browser can only open http, https, or file URLs.
  • URL: The URL to open – it can contain variable placeholders, this is especially useful in combination with the URL Escape and Set Variable actions.
  • Wait until Loaded: If set to on, the next action is only run after the page has completed loading (only applies if In-App Browser is selected above). This is recommended if you add a Evaluate JavaScript action afterwards.