Converts HTML markup or a web page to a PDF file

  • Input: Can be used in the HTML/URL parameter
  • Output: A file:// URL pointing to the converted PDF document – this can be used with a Open URL action.


  • Source: What to convert; can be HTML Code or Web URL
  • HTML/URL: Either inline HTML markup or a web URL that should be converted
  • Paper Size: A4 or Letter
  • Page Margins: One or four values (top, right, bottom, left), separated by spaces. The unit can be ‘in’ (inches), ‘cm’ (centimeters), ‘mm’ (millimeters) or ‘pt’ (points).
  • Filename: The name of the output file
  • in Dropbox: Whether the output file is save in Dropbox (local files otherwise)
  • Overwrite: When enabled, and a file with the same name already exists, it is overwritten. Otherwise, a numeric suffix is appended.