workflow — Python Integration for Editorial Workflows

The workflow module defines functions that can be used in Run Python Script and Custom Action (Advanced) workflow actions.


Returns the input that was passed to this action as output from the previous action.


Returns the parameter values of the currently running custom action as a dictionary. In regular script actions, it simply returns an empty dictionary.

The type of each value depends on the parameter type: Text parameters are represented as unicode strings (with all variables already resolved), switch parameter values are True or False, and single choice parameter values are the (zero-based) index of the selected option.


Sets the text that is passed to the next workflow action.


Gets the value of a variable that was set with a Set Variable action elsewhere in the workflow.


If a “Custom UI” action is currently running, return its root view (otherwise None).

workflow.set_variable(name, value)

Sets the value of a workflow variable.


In order to be able to use this variable in other actions, it has to be defined in a regular Set Variable action as well.


Stops the workflow after the script has finished running. To stop the workflow immediately, you can raise a KeyboardInterrupt.