ViDL for Mac

Download Web Videos Easily

ViDL is a free Mac app that allows you to easily download videos from YouTube and hundreds of other websites for offline viewing.

It is based on the popular youtube-dl command line tool, but much easier to use, especially with videos/playlists that require a login (like your personal "Watch Later" list).


Browser Integration

ViDL includes a browser extension for Safari, and a bookmarklet for other browsers, so you can download a video directly from a page you're viewing.

In-App Browser for Logins

Some videos or playlists require a login before you can view or download them. ViDL can use login sessions (cookies) from an integrated web browser, so you can log in to e.g. YouTube to download your personal Watch Later list, private videos, etc.

Playlist Download

You can easily download entire playlists from YouTube (just enter the playlist URL), or pick and choose from the list of thumbnails.

Download Audio

ViDL can optionally extract the audio track from any video you download (or, depending on the website, only download audio, e.g. from SoundCloud).


If you have a question that isn't listed here, or if you have any feedback/bug reports, please contact me on Twitter, or send an email. Thanks!