This SDK contains wrapper code used to call the Evernote Cloud API from Python.


In order to run the client client sample code, you need a developer token. Get one at https://www.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action


Here is a basic example of how you can use the evernote module to create a new note in your default notebook:


import evernote.edam.userstore.constants as UserStoreConstants
import evernote.edam.type.ttypes as Types
from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient

client = EvernoteClient(token=auth_token, sandbox=False)
note_store = client.get_note_store()

# List all of the notebooks in the user's account
notebooks = note_store.listNotebooks()
print "Found ", len(notebooks), " notebooks:"
for notebook in notebooks:
   print "  * ", notebook.name
print "Creating a new note in the default notebook"

# To create a new note, simply create a new Note object and fill in
# attributes such as the note's title.
note = Types.Note()
note.title = "Hello"

note.content = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'
note.content += '<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM ' \
note.content += '<en-note>Test Note<br/>'
note.content += '</en-note>'

# Finally, send the new note to Evernote using the createNote method
# The new Note object that is returned will contain server-generated
# attributes such as the new note's unique GUID.
created_note = note_store.createNote(note)

print "Successfully created a new note with GUID: ", created_note.guid