Scripting Editorial with Python

You can extend Editorial with your own commands using simple drag’n’drop workflows (see Building Workflows). Workflows can also include scripts as a Run Python Script or Custom Action (Advanced) action, which enables you to create more complex workflows that wouldn’t be possible with the built-in actions alone.

When you use the Run Python Script action in a workflow, the script is shown in a mini editor within the workflow view, but you can switch to a full-screen full-screen editor by tapping the Full Editor button next to the code. The full-screen editor has several features that aren’t available in the mini editor, for example auto-completion and a built-in UI editor (for use with the ui module).

For more detailed information about how you can combine workflows with scripts, please read the documentation about the Run Python Script and the workflow Python module.


The following popular third-party modules are also included with Editorial. They are not part of the Python Standard Library, but they are not specific to iOS.