Bring the Zen of Python to iOS.

Pythonista is an integrated development environment for writing Python™ scripts on iOS. You can create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a powerful calculator.

$6.99 — Universal App for iPad & iPhone.

With extensive support for URL schemes, access to the iOS clipboard and photo library, and all the powerful libraries that come with Python, it is also possible to use Pythonista as a flexible automation tool for text or image processing.

Pythonista is also an excellent companion for learning the Python language – You can get started easily with lots of ready-to-run examples, the interactive prompt helps you experiment, and you can read the entire documentation right within the app.

The code editor has everything you'd expect: Syntax highlighting, code completion and an extended keyboard specifically designed for writing Python. You can even extend the editor with your own scripts.


Full-featured Code Editor
The code editor has syntax highlighting, basic code completion, and an extended keyboard with gesture controls. – And like any good programming editor, it is scriptable itself: Use the built-in editor module to extend it with your own commands. We've included some useful examples in the documentation to help you get started.
Modules for Graphics and Touch
Pythonista comes with easy-to-use libraries for 2D graphics, multitouch and sound that are inspired by the simplicity of Processing. You can even use the accelerometer to create motion-controlled games or interactive experiments. We've included lots of ready-to-run examples, including three complete games and a multi-touch toy piano.
Powerful Interactive Prompt
When you want to quickly try something out, the interactive prompt is always just a swipe away. It helps you with accurate code completion and a convenient command history.
More Than a Toy
Pythonista isn't just for games. The Standard Library has tons of modules for doing math, processing text, working with data from the web, and much more. Additionally, you have access to the iOS clipboard, an in-app web browser and the powerful Python Imaging Library — including support for accessing photos in your camera roll.
NumPy and MatPlotLib New in 1.5
Pythonista includes the powerful NumPy and matplotlib packages for scientific computation and data visualization.
UI Editor New in 1.5
With the integrated UI Editor, you can create user interfaces for your scripts without writing any code.
“Pythonista shows that it’s possible to be a power user on iOS while playing by Apple’s rules.”
Federico Viticci, MacStories
Color Themes
The code editor can be customized with 6 tasteful color themes and different coding fonts.
Extended Keyboard
The keyboard has been designed specifically for Python and includes common special characters.
Complete Documentation
The Python documentation is accessible from anywhere in the app and you can look up selected words directly from the editor.
Universal App
Pythonista runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so you can really code anywhere.
“Pythonista is strategically placed on the first row of the first home screen of both devices. Enough said.”
Gabe Weatherhead, MacDrifter