PDF Highlighter


Highlighter is a powerful PDF reader with advanced annotation tools and an intuitive, polished interface.

You can highlight important passages in your documents, add text notes and even freehand sketches — all saved directly to the PDF file, so that you can review them later on your Mac or PC using standard software like Acrobat Reader.

With the innovative clipping view you get a quick overview of all your annotations in the original page layout.

Highlighter also supports standard PDF features like links and outlines.

Please Note: The PDF Highlighter app has been discontinued, and it is no longer available on the App Store. If you purchased the app previously, you will still be able to download it from your purchase list.


Intuitive Text Selection
Selecting text in Highlighter works just like in Safari or Mail: Touch and hold to invoke the loupe, drag the blue handles to adjust your selection.
Powerful Markup Tools
You can highlight, underline and strike out selected text — all in different colors and fully editable, even after saving the document.
Freehand Sketches
Draw with your fingers anywhere on the page. Highlighter's sketch tool automatically smoothes your lines.
Text Notes
To add comment to a document, you can use sticky notes.
“The level of polish is very high, and it's hard to see what could be added in a future release.”
Wired Gadget Lab
Annotations Overview
See all your annotations at a glance in the context of the original page layout.
Flexible Display Options
Prefer sepia as your paper color? Or white on black at night? A little less contrast is easier on the eyes? Highlighter has you covered.
Dropbox Integration
Use Dropbox? You can easily download your documents from there — and upload your annotations automatically.
Have a lot of documents? You can organize them easily in folders and subfolders.