Show Alert

Shows a message alert with one to three buttons

You can use an alert either for presenting simple information (usually with a single button), or for requesting a decision. Each of the up to three buttons can pass a different value to the next action. The optional Cancel button always stops the workflow.

  • Input: Can be used in the Message and Output Value parameters
  • Output: The output value parameter of the button that was tapped


  • Title: The title of the dialog
  • Message: The message text of the dialog.
  • Button 1-3: The titles of the buttons. The first button is always shown and has the title “OK” by default. When the title of button 2 or 3 is empty, the corresponding button is not shown.
  • Output Value (1-3): The output that should be produced by the action when the corresponding button is tapped
  • Show Cancel Button: When set to on a Cancel button is shown in addition to the one to three other buttons. This button always stops the workflow when tapped.