Compose Email

Opens an email composition sheet

You can set the initial message text, subject, and recipients. The next action starts when the dialog is dismissed. By default, the workflow is stopped when the email is not sent (by canceling the dialog), but you can also continue the workflow in that case.

Even though initial values for the various parameters can be set, all of these can be changed manually before actually sending the email.

  • Input: Can be used in the Recipient(s), Subject, and Message Body parameters
  • Output: Same as input (note: it is technically not possible to get the contents of the email as it was actually sent)


  • Recipient(s): One or more email addresses to send the message to. All valid email addresses are extracted from the given text, regardless of what other text might be around them.
  • Subject: The initial subject line of the email
  • Message Body: The initial message text of the email
  • Is HTML: Whether the message text should be interpreted as HTML
  • Full Screen: Set to on to make the email dialog cover the entire screen
  • Stop if Canceled: When enabled (the default), the workflow stops if the email dialog is canceled. Otherwise, the workflow continues normally.