Extend Selection

Extends the current text selection to the left or right

This action’s effect is similar to dragging the two selection handles in the editor. You can also extend the selection to the start/end of the current line/paragraph or the entire document.

  • Input: Not used
  • Output: The selected text


  • Direction: Can be Backward, Forward, or Both. Additionally, you can specify how far the selection should be extended. This can be the start/end of the document, the start/end selected of line(s) or a number of characters.
  • Number of Characters: If the number of characters option is used above, this last parameter specifies by how many characters the selection should be extended. This field can contain either a plain number, or a mathematical expression like 5 + 2. You can also use variables here. If the number is negative, this has the same effect as using the opposite direction with a positive number.